• To be worlid-known supplier of technological solutions and equipment for bakeries.
  • To have the largest market share in Bulgaria.
  • To be a recognizable supplier of quality solutions for bakeries also in other Europen countries (former Yugoslavia,Eastem Europe and EU members).
  • To win recognition on the field of process equipment,special equipment for pharmaceutical,powder coatings and GRP pipe production industry and to be a recognizable supplier of mixers and kneading machines for particular substances (rubber,paste,explosive material,etc.).
  • To create a successful,stimulating and friendly working environment for employees.



  • To increase the sales,where the sales of process equipment must grow faster than the sales of bakery equipment.
  • To reach a 90% market share in Bulgaria, as well as to boast its sales in the markets of the EU and Eastem Europe.
  • To keep pace with the most important competitors to assure fundamental R&D.
  • To reach a profitability of 4% or more.
  • Ti invest at least 5% of the annual sales.



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